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Food Supplement — 60 capsules

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A comprehensive food supplement that supports memory, concentration, and emotional balance, helps maintain cognitive functions and mental clarity, improves sleep quality, and supports blood circulation. Reduces signs of mental fatigue and stress-related anxiety.

With its innovative, universal formula, CAPS BY SCRIPS enhances motivation and mental performance for people of all ages, regardless of lifestyle. The seven standardized active ingredients effectively and comprehensively affect all areas of the brain. No added synthetic fillers, flavors, caffeine or sugars.

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Active ingredients

The formula of CAPS BY SCRIPS is transparent and pure: It contains only the necessary substances, so we use the capacity of each capsule to the maximum. The product is natural, vegan, caffeine-free, and gluten-free. It does not contain synthetic additives, soy, GMOs, sugars, flavors, or allergens.

SaraPEPP™ Nu

Exclusive, natural, and premium Timut Pepper extract that has been clinically proven to reduce rates of mental fatigue, and to enhance cognitive function, focus and neural efficiency. It has significant acute effects on working memory, attention and mental performance after a single-dose intake.


Botanically Bacopa monniera is rich in bacosides, the active components responsible for enhancing memory-related functions. It supports normal memory function and reduces absent mindedness, promotes brain function and mental clarity, and reduces stress-related anxiety.


A standardized extract derived from Centella asiatica, also known as Gotu kola. It has been scientifically proven to improve short-term memory, learning performance and attention. The clinical trials also demonstrated that the extract increases the intelligence quotient of children. Centella extract may also affect the biosynthesis of other neurotransmitters involved in learning and memory like Ach, Noradrenaline, 5HT, Dopamine.


The first saffron extract in Europe used for cognitive and mental health. Key saffron components, including crocin, and safranal, contribute to alleviating mental depression and anxiety. Additionally, clinical evidence supports its efficacy in improving sleep.

Research and benefits

CAPS BY SCRIPS is a formula developed from the highest quality standardized ingredients that guarantees a full spectrum of benefits. According to clinical studies conducted on key components, the product improves mental performance immediately after taking it. At first you may feel an increase in attentiveness and sharpening of the senses. After a few days, you will notice improvements in memory, concentration and motivation. The longer you use the supplement, the more pronounced its beneficial properties will be.

CAPS BY SCRIPS helps you focus on your activities, process information quickly, remember details and learn. The capsules optimize the functioning of all areas of the brain, improving working memory and attentiveness, positively influencing reaction speed  as well as the processes of remembering names and dividing attention. Regular use increases alertness and mental clarity, while reducing stress-related anxiety.


How does the subscription work?

CAPS BY SCRIPS should be used on a regular basis. We offer a subscription system so you don't have to worry about your next order. We will make sure that the product arrives every month at the address of your choice. With a subscription, you will get a guarantee of constant availability of the product. You will receive your first order in a reusable container, and we will send each subsequent refill in a lightweight, fully recyclable package. You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time.


How to use?

Wash down the recommended daily serving (two capsules) with a minimum of 200 ml of water. For best results, take CAPS BY SCRIPS in the morning, before eating. We recommend applying the supplement daily, especially during periods of intense mental or physical activity.

CAPS BY SCRIPS is intended for anyone who wants to take care of the condition and performance of the mind. The product is particularly recommended for people who work mentally, study, and seek support in focusing attention and achieving emotional balance.


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