SCRIPS is a step on the path of holistic care for quality of life. We combine the achievements of modern science with traditional knowledge, opening a safe and proven path to well-being.


SCRIPS aims to raise awareness about healthy living. We provide detailed information on all ingredients used. Our products undergo rigorous microbiological testing to ensure complete safety.


SCRIPS consists exclusively of natural active ingredients responsibly sourced. We use only the highest quality components with research-proven standardization, guaranteeing quality and effectiveness. You won't find unnecessary additives or synthetic fillers in our products.


We develop our formulas cooperating with experts with whom we share a fascination for new methods of attaining psycho-physical well-being. We grant you access to the scientific research conducted on the ingredients we use. The patented technology of raw material extraction facilitates the absorption of active substances, increasing the effectiveness.


CAPS BY SCRIPS is a natural, comprehensive, nootropic food supplement that contains SaraPEPP™ Nu, Bacopin®, Centellin® and Safrr'Activ®, supporting memory and concentration, helping maintain cognitive function and mental clarity, reducing stress-related anxiety and improving sleep quality.

The innovative formula was developed for everyone. The product increases motivation and mental performance for people of all ages, and fits any lifestyle. It is natural, vegan and gluten-free. Its composition is pure - it contains no GMOs, soy, flavors, allergens, caffeine or sugars. A daily dose of CAPS BY SCRIPS will unlock your maximum performance potential no matter who you are or what you do.


To experience 100% benefits, our products must be used long-term. SCRIPS offers a subscription system to ensure continued use and to minimize costs. We don't want to burden the Earth. You will receive your first order in a reusable package - save it for future servings of the product. We will send your refill in a lightweight, fully recyclable package.

We ship SCRIPS in a completely biodegradable package made of mycelium and biomass that decomposes without the aid of chemicals or specialized, energy-intensive equipment within 45 days - it can be added to your compost or used in your garden.



We work only with standardized ingredients, guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of each product. Our raw materials are scientifically certified for their performance. The very high DER (drug extract ratio), which is the ratio of the raw material used to the extract obtained, makes it possible to fit all the necessary components into two capsules per day. CAPS BY SCRIPS was developed to comprehensively affect multiple areas of the brain.


About us

SCRIPS was created to improve the overall quality of life. We will support your emotional balance and reduce symptoms of mental fatigue. We'll help you to take care of your skin, boost your immunity and maintain a good mood. Our products work from the outside in and from the inside out. We create formulas based on natural ingredients, drawing from both the world of modern science and traditional knowledge.

We verify the quality of our products at every stage of production. We do not skimp on ingredients and scientific research, and we put exactly as much active ingredients as you need in each package. SCRIPS is the best prescription for well-being.

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