About us

We believe that the pursuit of wellbeing is a complex, never-ending process that requires mindfulness and care for every little aspect of everyday experience. SCRIPS is designed to facilitate making small gradual steps towards self-realization.


SCRIPS ingredients work. They are precisely tested before they leave the laboratory, resulting in extensive study results and certifications. Our mission is to ensure the highest standards of production and service. We maximize the performance of our products by standardizing the amount of each active ingredient they contain. All the ingredients we use are natural. They come from ethical, sustainable and safe sources.


We have nothing to hide. We share everything we know about our products, constantly looking for more answers. We believe that the conscious pursuit of one's well-being is a complex, ongoing process that requires attention and care to all aspects of one's daily experience. With SCRIPS products, we want to make it easier to take small, regular steps on the road to self-fulfillment.


We don't want to be a burden on the Earth. You will receive SCRIPS in reusable container. We will ship your refill in lightweight, fully recyclable packaging. We pay attention to every step made in the process to make sure we do others no harm including the environment.



Health, happiness and mental comfort are an inextricable intertwining that we call well-being. We believe that taking care of oneself fully can only be done by putting equal emphasis on all aspects of the psycho-physical experience. Our products allow you to take care of your body, mind and everything that connects these seemingly opposite spheres into an indivisible whole. We believe in the existence of an inextricable network of interconnections, which is why we care about both individual and global well-being.

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